Joey Lisle (prominence) wrote in osustudents,
Joey Lisle

Help!! Question About The Waitlist!!

Please help me!! I just registered for Winter classes. I am #1 on the waitlist for Comm 637, and I really want into that class next quarter because it is a group-oriented class and 3 of my other friends got in it, and we were planning on taking the class together.

I have scheduled 4 other classes (20 credit hours altogether) just incase I do not get into 637, but it is my understanding from what I was told freshmen year that I need my "allowed credit hours" bumped up from "20" to "25" incase a spot opens up in 637, or else I cannot get the spot in 637 because I have already "hit my limit of 20 credit hours" per quarter.

I was told to e-mail my advisor to get this adjusted, so that the first person that drops, I will take their spot.

So my question is, do I need to get my advisor to raise my credit hour limit to "25", or is there no need to "get my hours raised", and the class will show up on my schedule?

Is this true about the waitlist?? Can someone help clarify it for me?? Thank you so much for your help!
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